About Us

Since its establishment in 1995, Gabungan Mantap Sdn Bhd (GmBH) has a reputable track record in providing audio visual and multimedia system equipment. GmBH is registered under Kernenterian Kewangan, CIDB, e-perolehan and PKK.

Today, GmBH with solid financial background and sound commercial policies has diversified skills and expertise, complimented by a team of highly dedicated, motivated and experience qualified professionals.

GmBH with the initial objective of supplying equipment in the audio visual and multimedia system today has expanded into other services which include rental (limited), audio Video equipment services, repair and maintenance.

With the wealth of available professional resources, GmBH is able to provide potential clients with the needed strength and stability (well maintain) in ensuring smooth and uninterrupted implementation of a audio visual system.

Further to that, GmBH strategy of creating network of strategic alliance partnership with local as well as international brand and system integrators will make GmBH as a one stop center solution provider.

In addition, GmBH believed in ensuring clients investment in technology is protected and will contribute to a healthy bottom line upon system commissioning.

Through the experience and proven knowledge from numerous installations, our experts will help you implement and operate in an environment with maximum performance and minimum problems with the help of a well planned and implemented system.

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Our scopes of business are:

  1. Supply and delivery of Audio Visual & Multimedia products.
  2. Rental of Audio Visual  & Multimedia products
  3. Services, repair and maintenance Audio Visual & Multimedia Products
  4. Installation, Testing and commissioning Audio Visual & Multimedia Products
  5. Supply of Audio Visual & Multimedia Product accessories.

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